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With Layar's mobile augmented reality platform, third party developers can create various types of engaging AR experiences, such as recognizing real world objects and displaying digital experiences on top of them with Layar Vision ,  creating interactive features like 3D objects and animation. Location based layers help users find nearby locations, including restaurants, shops and other businesses, as well as historical locations and monuments.

Featured Articles

API v7.0 Changes  
Summary of API v7.0 changes.

Overview: the Layar Platform
An introduction of the architecture of the Layar platform.

Overview: the Layar Publishing Site
A general introduction of the Layar publishing site.

The Developer API Documentation
An introduction of the developer API used for creating a layer.

Latest Updates

Layar 3D Model Converter v3.1.0 is Released
Download the latest version with a working preview feature on Mac OS.

 Added Vcard content type to Howto's examples
We added a new content type to support Vcards. An example showing its use is provided

Update available for Layar 3D Model Converter
Updated the Layar 3D Model Converter to v3.0.2

Modified "View with Layar" logo together with a styleguide manual
We have changed the previous "View with Layar" logo to Layar logo and a style guide is also provided to help attract more users.