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3D Content Creation Guidelines

Starting from Layar 3.0, it is possible for developers to add 3D objects to their layers. For this purpose, we have defined the Layar3D (.l3d) file format that allows storage of textured 3D models in a single file. This file format is optimized for mobile parsing and viewing. To allow developers to create their own 3D models for use in Layar, we developed a 3D Model Converter to convert models in the Wavefront (.obj/.mtl) format to Layar3D (.l3d). 

Model requirements 

You can use any 3D modeling software application to create your 3D models, as long as you can export the model to Wavefront (.obj/.mtl) format. When creating your models, take the following into account:    

Please NOTE that the maximum file size is not restricted by the layar client. However, based on best practices, 1mb should be enough to show nice 3d models on a mobile phone device. Models with lots of details will not be seen on a mobile screen. It is a big challenge for the layar client performance as well since it is highly possible to cause rendering issues. The user experience will not be good if the user needs to wait for very long time to download 3d models.

Texture requirements

We do support texturing of the 3D model, but only for setting the diffuse color of the material. At this moment we do not support multiple textures, e.g. for bump mapping.   

MIME type   

On the client we do not check any MIME types, so we have not defined one.

Tutorials for creating good 3D models