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Go beyond Layar Creator and build more complex AR experiences with Blippbuilder Script! Blippbuilder Script offers Javascript developers the most robust platform and the best quality tools for creating augmented reality and interactive print. Join our continuously expanding ecosystem of developers today and start taking advantage of the Blippar group's technology for your own projects right now!


Blippbuilder Script supports the use of 3D objects and full animation--you can create 3D games, interactive 3D models...whatever you like! Our 3D model converter creates quick-loading models that are great for mobile.


Animate buttons, icons, text, and 2D and 3D assets, helping you add more interaction and style.

Dynamic infomation & 360

Enhance your augmented reality with dynamic information and 360 experiences. Display different AR experiences based on a number of factors for example the weather or immerse users in a 360 virtual environment without the need of headset. These are just some of the ways you can create more depth and interactivity in your AR experiences with Blippbuilder Script. 

We request not to sign up and further make payments for Layar services. Please proceed to use Blippbuilder to create AR experiences.
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