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Layar Reality Browser 2.1 launched

Rhymo August 29, 2009

We just uploaded an updated version of our browser. Next to some little bug fixes (thanks everyone for your feedback) we added some cool new sharing features.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: We also removed the “forward lock” making it possible for people with a developer phone to download Layar as well. As a consequence it is impossible to update your current Layar application. So please remove it before you upgrade. We are sorry for this but the “forward lock” was making our life very complicated. Better to do this move now than later. Please share the message by retweeting. Thanks!

New feature 1: Share a layer:

You can now send a layer to your friends. Every layer has a unique URL. If you have this version of Layar installed and you see a Layar Link in for example Twitter you can just click it and it will open that specific layer in the Layar Reality Browser. Isn’t that cool?


(These are the menu options)


(Share a layer how you prefer it)

New feature 2: Share Layar screenshots:

Whenever you are in a situation that you see something in Layar that you really need to share, just click screenshot under the menu button. It makes a screenhot and enables you to share it via the mechanism of choice (Email, Picasa, Pixelpipe).


(Check if your screenshot is cool enough to share. This one is clearly not! hehe)


(Share it with the world)

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