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Climate Action Layer

maurice groenhart December 15, 2009

In time for the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, is excited to announce a mobile version of the map using the Layar platform. is a non-profit online platform that allows cities across the globe to share their best practice climate initiatives. Today more than 40 cities around the world have listed their best practice climate initiatives and more are joining each week.

The Climate Action Layer has been launched just in time for the UN Climate Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen where government leaders from more than 100 countries are gathering along with 20.000 participants from non-profits to negotiate a global agreement to curb CO2 emissions. is presenting the map together with its partners from the US National League of Cities, Local Government Denmark and UN Habitat in order to highlight the importance of local government action in reducing CO2 emissions. was launched in June 2009 to help communicate local climate initiatives to a global audience. Sharing our local knowledge and expertise globally is fundamental if we want to address climate change in a serious and timely manner. Our mission is to educate, inform and inspire governments, communities and businesses about the innovative local climate action activities around the world. Local Governments and local initiatives are key factors for creating a successful implementation of any Post-Kyoto agreement.

The platform is free to use for any city administration in the world. It allows cities to easily upload information, images, video and files about climate initatives using a simple and intuitive web interface. It also allows cities to track and manage their climate initiatives across different city departments and helps communicate climate initiatives to a broad range of stakeholders by generating a city scale map of local climate initiatives.

The Climate Action Layer was developed by Winvolve. Winvolve has developed multiple successful Layars and applications and is one the forefront of new technology. They are Layar representing partner in North-America and work closely together with local and international organizations in concept creation and development of Mobile and Application experiences.

You can visit Winvolve’s website at
To read more about the Climate Action Map visit



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