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Autotriggers used in AR Music Promotion Campaign with SEEDA

Rhymo December 17, 2009

We just heard that System K in Japan has launched a very cool campaign with the wellknown japanese hip-hop artist SEEDA.

Seeda will release a new single next week. System K collaborated with him to create a promotional layer. In the week leading up to the CD release fans can visit major locations around Japan (Tokyo Tower, Kobe Mosiac, Sapporo Clock Tower). When fans get close to these wellknown landmarks in Japan, the layer will autotrigger an audio sample of the new single Wisdom. Layar users are the first to hear the new track and are also treated with a special video message from Seeda that is personalized for each location.

Autotriggered actions associated with objects is a feature that is supported by Layar Reality Browser 3.0. Any developer can add an autotrigger to an object. Developers can customize the range (when does the autotrigger need to be activitated) and the action can be customized (play audio, play video, open website, etc). It’s very exciting to see this feature of our platform being used in such a creative way.

So if you are in Japan just search for SEEDA in the Layar Browser and you will find the special promotion layer.



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