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Layar pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Portal

maurice groenhart January 29, 2010

We are very proud to announce that we are pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Portal in the UK.

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, co-founder, Layar: “Layar is honoured to have Samsung, the worldwide #2 mobile manufacturer install the Layar browser on the home screen of this leading device. The UK is now primed to become one of the most active markets in the exciting new world of Mobile Augmented Reality. Samsung’s distribution of the Layar platform will provide developers with a compelling channel to reach an even larger audience of AR users”

For this pre-installation Samsung has created their own Layars which will be embedded into the Galaxy Portal at launch – The Samsung Hotel Search, powered by, Samsung Local Search, powered by Qype, Samsung Train Station Search powered by and the Samsung Football Pub Finder.

  • (*Exclusive) – restaurant finder, guide and booking services

  • Nestoria Property Search (*Exclusive) – nationwide coverage with over 800,000 properties available to be viewed at any one time

  • (Launch partner) – find directions to your nearest train station across the country

  • Barclaycard (Launch partner) – find local Barclaycard cash points and shops participating in the contactless pay scheme

  • Samsung Local Search, powered by – millions of reviews across the country available, from the best shops to restaurants, cafes, theatres, museums, gigs and much more

  • Samsung Hotel Search, powered by – guide and to nearby hotels in the area

  • Samsung Football Pub Finder – a massive database of pub around the country, and those that have TV capable of showing the live match! This is a Samsung Layer made available to any handset.

Nick Turner-Samuels, Head of Content, Samsung Mobile UK: “This is a great opportunity to work in one of the most innovative and exciting areas of mobile technology and with some fantastic lifestyle brands.

“This marks our first entry into the exciting world of Augmented Reality. We expect to see a lot of growth in this area in the near future.”

The Samsung Galaxy Portal will be available in the UK stores as of next Monday.


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Layar will be back on the Iphone soon

maurice groenhart January 22, 2010

We take great pride in our product and are very serious about delivering high quality to our users and our developer community.

This is why we decided, ourselves and not Apple, to pull our application from the Appstore after the number of users reporting crashes exceeded our own quality standards.

We are currently re-engineering the app and we are aiming for resubmission to the Appstore by the end of February.

So please be patient and we are pretty sure we won’t disappoint you again.


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Newest launched layers: find the nearest places to go out, campings or writers history around you or use the new directory services

Redactie January 21, 2010

Discover and enjoy the worldwide newest launched layers of 2010.

Bedrijfsprofielen - Netherlands
- Spain
Places * LAYER NR 300 * - Europe and US
- internationalMeat in a Park - Australia
Argonay -
- Europe, N-America and New Zealand
Den Haag Schrijversstad -
AWMN Nodes -
- international
- Poland
- France
Meet new and old friends - US (Czech Yellow Pages) - Czech Republic
(Slowakian Yellow Pages) - Slowakia
ilocal search - Netherlands
Monaco - Monaco
MyCosmik WiFi hotspots - Paris, France
Huurwoningen - Netherlands
VICE Guide to Prague - Czech Republic
Cupões 01Pages - Lisbon and Porto, Portugal

Description: Uitgebreide info over topwerkgevers bij jou in de buurt
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Koen Droste
Developer Company:

Description: Encuentre discotecas, cines, teatros, casinos y boleras
Geographical spread: Spain
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

Places * LAYER NR 300 *
Description: Discover tourist locations around you. Add your own places, send your pics and post your comments
Geographical spread: Australia, Astria, Hungary, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, UK, US
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

Description: The world’s largest guide to halal restaurants, markets, and mosques
Geographical spread: international
Developer: Shahed Amanullah
Developer Company:

Meat in a Park
Description: Find the nearest parks with BBQs via meatinapark (
Geographical spread: Australia
Developer: Mark McDonald
Developer Company:

Description: Toutes les adresses utiles d Argonay en realité augmenté. Calque en développement permanent
geographical spread: Argonay, France
Developer: Herve Pellarin
Developer Company: hpsc

Description: Discover camping resorts in Europe, US, Canada, New Zealand and Russia
Geographical spread: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Hungaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Grease, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switserland, UK, US
Developer: Pablo Garcia
Developer Company: ELIPSE AD

Den Haag Schrijversstad
Description: Een informatieve layar over de vele schrijvers uit Den Haag en hun nalatenschap in de huidige stad
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Jorn Baas
Developer Company: De Baas Media

AWMN Nodes
Description: Find Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) nodes that exist near you. AWMN is the biggest wireless community in Greece
Geographical spread: Greece
Developer: John Vlachoyiannis
Developer Company: Emotionull Ltd

Short Description: The game of noticing the world around you, now in Layar. Find peoples’ noticings near you. More information at
Geographical spread: international
Developer: James Bridle
Developer Company: STML

Description: Zródlo informacji na temat lokalizacji w Polsce i na swiecie. Find all types of Points of Interest. From restaurants, sport clubs, entertainmanet places to intersting places etc.
Geographical spread: Poland
Developer: team
Developer Company:

Description: All annecy in AR in your hand. Tout annecy dans votre main en realité augmenté
Geographical spread: France
Developer: Herve Pellarin
Developer Company: hpsc

Meet new and old friends
Description: The coolest social networking layar! Meet new and old friends at locations near you. Check in at bars, restaurants, and clubs! Create your own locations!
Geographical spread: US
Developer: Royce Harding
Developer Company: AltWhatNow (Czech Yellow Pages)
Description: Více než 2 milióny kontaktu na firmy a domácnosti
Country: Czech Republic
Developer: -
Developer Company: - (Slowakian Yellow Pages)
Description: Viac ako 1 milión kontaktov z celého Slovenska
Geographical spread: Slowakia
Developer: -
Developer Company: -

ilocal search
Short Description: ilocal vindt winkels, merken en producten bij jou in de buurt
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Addy van Schie
Developer Company: ilocal

MyCosmik WiFi hotspots
Description: Over 700 WiFi hotspots in Paris that can be used with MyCosmik. MyCosmik’s Anti-Roaming is a free piece of software that you download to your mobile phone. It saves you over 75% on mobile calls while abroad and on international calls while at home
Geographical spread: Paris, France
Developer: William Hill
Developer Company: Devicom AB

Description: monaco in ar
Geographical spread: Monaco
Developer: Herve Pellarin
Developer Company: hpsc

Description: Op vindt u een actueel overzicht van het huuraanbod in Nederland. Daarnaast kunt u gratis adverteren en gebruik maken van de zoekservice
Geographical spread: Netherlands
Developer: Arie Johan van de Werken
Developer Company:

VICE Guide to Prague
Description: Online VICE guide to Prague
Geographical spread: Czech Republic
Developer: Radek Tomšej
Developer Company: VICE Czechoslovakia

Cupões 01Pages
Short Description: Cupões, promoções e anúncios classificados, geolocalizados para telemóveis e internet. Lisboa y Porto
Geographical spread: Lisbon and Porto, Portugal
Developer: William Hill
Developer Company: CPU Media Sarl


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Looking for inspiration

maurice groenhart January 15, 2010

We received a lot of questions to show all our features with some good showcases, so everybody can see what can be done with Layar, in one general presentation.

This presentation will give you a general overview of Layar, all the features and a lot of showcases which will show how you can use Layar to create an experience. So let this presentation inspire you!

If you have been inspired and you want to create a layer yourself, you can request a developer key here

If you don’t have the technical skills but a great idea please contact us.


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First Layar Webinar now online

maurice groenhart January 12, 2010

Last Wednesday we broadcasted our first webinar from Layar HQ in Amsterdam. Almost 150 attended this webinar and we received some very good feedback on our topics.

During the webinar we experienced some issues, which leads to some poor audio connections for the most of our attendees. We would like to apologize for this. For our next webinar we will use a phone, instead of a wifi-connection, to dial in. Hope this will solve the problem. We will also try to capture the next webinar, including sound, so we can put it online afterwards.

Did you miss our webinar?

No problem, in this blogpost you can find our presentation. We added some notes and slides in this presentation in order to provide a better picture of our webinar for those who missed it.

We are planning our next webinar in February. We will announce the subject and date in our newsletter and blog.


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