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25 new layers launched; Layar expanding with country specific content layers in Russia & Thailand

Redactie February 27, 2010

The past weeks 3 new international layers and 22 country layers have been launched. With 69 international layers, Layar is serving content in every country worldwide. On top of that more and more countries are plugged in with local, country specific content. This week Thailand’s and Russia’s first country layers have been launched.

We talked to Howard Ogden from and Irena Harseeva from ARdoor, who have been developing the MTS layer and the Estate Russia layer.

Why build layers for Russia?

Howard: “MTS is a long standing client of JWT International, JWT International was one of the first agencies to get involved with Layar from launch, introducing brands such as Mazda early on to the possibilities of Layar. I started working with JWT International and MTS building the Russian layer back in late 2009. We had to geo-code their entire shop and distribution outlets across Russia, including all of the MTS wifi hot spots - no small task! We have created a great looking layer  in

Russian, that as Android and iPhone expand across the country will pick up momentum and we hope will help MTS offer more to their customers.”
Irena: “AR Door is an official Russian partner of Total immersion (France), the biggest software solutions provider with a proprietary technology that has been developed since 1999 - Augmented Reality. Unfortunately augmented reality based solutions are not yet popular in Russia. AR Door are the first to provide such technology in this country. What are my expectations? Well, I’m absolutely sure that Layar will be as successful and popular as it proved to be worldwide. … I have no doubt about Layar’s great hit on the Russian market in the nearest future.

What do you expect from Layar and your content layer in Russia?

Howard: “As far as we know this is a first in Russia, certainly a first of this scale and a service not offered by any other network provider in Russia. JWT Internationals Moscow office is rapidly growing and I hope that this partnership between our companies will continue to grow. We are currently working on a large scale project with JWT International Amsterdam to launch a new 3D layer early next month and I see a great future in cooperation’s of this nature between agencies and their existing clients and developers.”
Irena: “Layar proved to be an extremely successful project, launched only in 2009 but managed to get over 1 million users by now. I think this statement shows clearly its great potential. Why exactly for Estate Russia Well, no doubt, using Estate Russia layer significantly eases the process of searching property. Whatever you are, you are able to define the search for relevant information about real estate in particular area just using your mobile phone.”

About the layers

MTS is one of the worlds largest telecoms companies, ranked 71 last year in the worlds most powerful brands by Millward Brown and the Financial Times. Based in Russia with operations across CIS and 87 million customers. provides an extensive data base of approsimately 75,000 real estate units. Besides it proved to be a very reliable real estate agency.


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Layar opens for mainstream business

maurice groenhart February 15, 2010

Barcelona, February 15th 2010. Augmented Reality (AR) platform provider Layar announces today the possibility for producers and publishers of AR content to offer their experiences for sale. In addition, Layar reached agreement with one of the top 3 mobile handset manufacturers for a global distribution partnership, which will bring Layar capable phones to the mass market. This will enable tens of millions of people to experience Layar AR content on their mobile phones in 2010.

The Layar platform allows brands, game developers, publishers and producers to engage with customers through the creation of rich immersive real world experiences. Already 375 layers have been published, with over 1200 layers in development. More than 2000 organizations in 70 countries are benefiting from the unique capabilities of the Layar platform, developing great content.

As of mid March 2010, all Layar producers and publishers will be able to generate a return from their investment in AR. They can offer both free and paid content through the Layar platform. Layar will facilitate global mobile payment processing and distribution in all currencies. Producers can fully focus on content - without having to worry about mass market distribution, developing for multiple mobile platforms, or financial administration.

Layar continues to strengthen its position in the Augmented Reality market with securing EUR 2,5 million (US $3,4 million) in funding by Sunstone Capital and Prime Technology Ventures, and surpassing the 1 million user mark. With this, Layar opens the door for mainstream business in the new medium of Augmented Reality.


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Layar Double Award Winner at Mobile Premier Awards

maurice groenhart February 15, 2010

Layar has been judged the winner of two prizes at the Mobile Premier Awards, at Mobile World Congress. Layar was voted the Best Start Up in Marketing and Best Start Up in Entertainment. The Mobile Peer Awards is a key event organized around the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  A jury of industry experts chose Layar from over 90 leading Mobile Startups, and we are honored to be the only company to win two awards.

The prize for best startup in Mobile Marketing is granted in partnership with the Mobile Marketing Association.  The prize for Mobile Premier Award in Entertainment is handed out in partnership with the Mobile Entertainment Forum
“We have been enormously impressed by the innovation behind Layar and can see great potential in the application for brand mobile marketing initiatives globally,” said MMA MD for EMEA Paul Berney.”

“Layar stood out in particular for providing easy accessibility for third parties to enable greater usage and uptake of augmented reality, an area identified as one of MEF’s top ten mobile media trends for 2010. said Rimma Perelmuter MEF Executive Director.”

“This year’s competition was the largest ever with over 600 start up submissions from all continents” added Rudy De Waele, CNO at dotopen and organizer of the Mobile Premier Awards. “Layar is a great representative of the new generation of innovative startups.”

We at Layar are very thrilled and honored to receive these awards.


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First Layar game demo’d at MWC

maurice groenhart February 14, 2010

John Sietsma is a game developer who is creating a game on the Layar platform called Jewel Collector. This game, which is still in development, is the first of it’s kind and will be demo’d at  Mobile World Congress by Layar.

The purpose of the game is to collect as many points as possible. Points can be earned by collecting jewels which are scattered around the MWC exhibition area. You can collect a jewel  by walking up to it. Every hour a new round is started and winners of the hourly rounds can be seen on a score board.

So if you see people running around the exhibition holding their phones up you know what they are doing. They are playing the Jewel Collector!

Some demo shots:


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Where to meet Layar at Mobile World Congress

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald February 13, 2010

Want to see what Layar looks like, hear how to get started developing or just talk to us and get a cool demo. You can see us walking around with the blue layar bags or catch up with us at:

0700PM - Mobile Sunday

1200PM - Layar Picnic meetup at the fountain - Are you coming?
0200PM - Mobile Premier Awards. We are Pitching
0900PM - Mobile Premier Award Diner

1200PM - Layar Picnic meetup at the fountain - Are you coming?
0400PM - Conference Panel: Completing the 2.0 Reality with Mobile - Part Two

1200PM - Layar Picnic meetup at the fountain - Are you coming?
0100PM - Mobile Augmented Reality Summit
0500PM - Mobile AR showcase in the court yard [updated link]

Looking forward to meet great new people!

This is what we look like

Raimo van der Klein (Co-founder)

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald (Co-founder)

Claire Boonstra

Matt Miesnieks (Head of Customer Development)


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