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Tablets are great to play Immersive Augmented Reality

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald September 2, 2010

Today Samsung announced their new Tablet device called the Galaxy Tab. Samsung markets it as a media device. We think its even better for Augmented Reality. Layar is even included in their press photo set of the Tab.

The second wave of Augmented Reality Experiences
Augmented Reality on the mobile has started with lots of point of interest applications. “Where is a house for sale (and how much)” and “where is a restaurant (and is it any good)” are well known examples. The second wave for mobile Augmented Reality is an immersive one and will will be an addition to the first wave. With immersive AR people step into a different world, either by playing a game like Conquar which is a risk like strategy game on Layar or by experiencing how the Berlin wall looked like. This is made possible by adding interactivity and more graphical elements like 3D models and animation. This is what the Layar Publishing platform can enable for brands, publishers and agencies.

Tablet devices like the Galaxy TAB with their big screens and high resolution displays will ensure that this next wave of immersive Augmented Reality experiences will look even better then on a phone.

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