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Layar 4.0 for iPhone Available Now!

Chris Cameron January 4, 2011

With the new year upon us, we here at Layar thought what beter way to ring it in than to release a new version of Layar for the iPhone! Right now, anyone with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS can go to the App Store and download Layar 4.0!

So what’s new in version 4.0? The most noticeable update is support for the gyroscope in the iPhone 4. Now when you look around your world with Layar, objects will move across your screen in closer sync with your motions. This creates a much smoother experience and takes Augmented Reality another step towards the blending of the digital and real world.

Also new in this version is an updated interface for the Camera View. When viewing a layer, you’ll see an Info button and a button to switch between Camera, List and Map Views. Clicking the Info button will let you see more info about that layer, add it to your favorites, view layer options, switch to Bird’s Eye View or calibrate the horizon.

And finally, the other addition you will notice in Layar 4.0 for iPhone is the ability to use iOS multi-tasking and app switching. A double tap of the home button on your iPhone will bring up your recently used apps, and you can use this feature to switch back and forth without losing your place in Layar!

You may also notice that we have redesigned the Download section of our Website with more detailed descriptions of the iPhone and Android versions of Layar.

We hope you enjoy the update, and Happy New Year!


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