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AR and the City: Layar in New York

Gene Becker January 12, 2011

Layar’s U.S.-based AR Strategist Gene Becker will be in New York City next week. Here’s a message from Gene about what he’s looking ahead to.

New York City is one of the global hotspots for AR activity, and it’s definitely time for a Layar roadtrip!

I’ll be there all next week doing my AR Strategy thing: meetings with brands, agencies and partners, making and play-testing layers, and generally stirring up excitement for mobile AR in 2011. I’ll also be attending the excellent ARNY meetup on Tuesday Jan 18th, where I will show some demos and talk about the latest Layar news.

If you’re in town, I hope you’ll come to ARNY and say hello. It’s going to be an action packed week, and I’m looking forward to connecting with a lot of old and new friends. If you’d like to arrange a meeting, drop me a line at

Photo by Jerry Ferguson Photography on Flickr.


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