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Layar’s Augmented Reality Now Made Possible for All iPhone Apps

Chris Cameron January 27, 2011

Today, Layar has launched the Layar Player - an easy and free tool allowing you to offer impactful AR experiences directly from your own iPhone App.

“One of the main great features of the Layar Player is that you can launch the power of AR from within the context of your app,” says Gerben Klop, product manager of the Layar Player. Here is our press release regarding the Layar Player.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – January 26, 2011– Layar, the largest open platform in mobile augmented reality (AR), announced today that the Layar Player is out of beta. It is now available to all agencies, brands and developers to include in their own iPhone applications (app).

The beta period concludes with the launch of three Layar Player enabled iPhone apps - Bing sponsored Snowboard Hero, an augmented reality extension in the popular game that allows players to earn more points; the Layar Trade, an application helping people view recent projects and work from local builders; and an application to improve your neighborhood letting neighbors post their issues and ideas for the public space on the map.

“This year is about the democratization of augmented reality as we work to find ways to make it easier to create and publish AR content for all,” said Claire Boonstra, co-founder and VP of platform and community. “The Player availability is the first of many activities Layar will be releasing this year to make this democratization happen.”

“At Bing, we aim to bring information into people’s lives that is visually organized, simple and easy to digest. Augmented reality on mobile devices provides more opportunities to overlap reality with digital information that informs, educates and creates new ways to play within your environment,” said Wibe Wigenmans, Bing for Mobile. “The mobile experience for Bing users continues to evolve as we constantly look for ways to create visually engaging experiences.”

Download the Layar Player and create your very own Augmented Reality app!
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