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Meet Layar’s Newest LPN Members: DPI New Media, Second|Site LLC & Motive NYC

Adriane Goetz September 23, 2011

Here at Layar, we want to see the coolest content possible on our platform, so we often help facilitate relationships between proven top-notch layer developers and the brands, publishers or other clients looking for technical help to bring their Augmented Reality concepts to life.

We created the Layar Partner Network to publicly recognize these top-notch developers, and to provide a channel for more personal communication so we can keep up with their latest Layar projects more efficiently. 

What started as a short list of mostly Europe-based developers such as TAB worldmedia, Mobilistar, Muzar and HPSC, has since blossomed into a 55-member group from all across the world!

We recently added three new Partners, and we’d like to introduce them to you!

DPI New Media (@DpiNewMedia)

DPI New Media is best known (in the Layar world) for its awesome 3D modeling in the UAR (Urban Augmented Reality) architecture layer. 

We recently had DPI’s 3D modeling/texturing expert Klaas Nienhuis speak at our monthly meetup (watch the video here), where he gave an in-depth presentation on his work with the UAR project and provided great tips and tricks for those newer to 3D modeling.

DPI holds a unique position as a Layar Partner because, rather than being a “layer developer” for hire, the company specializes in creating 3D models for other Layer developers as well as clients.

Second|Site LLC @SecondSiteLLC

The good people at Second|Site do an incredible job of using technology, and their own charming personalities, to share the possibilities of Augmented Reality and the best of their beloved city of Chattanooga, TN with the world! (They have also been known to accomplish this with care packages containing MoonPies, Hot Sauce and literature).

Second|Site’s best known Layar project is ART360 Chattanooga, which displays beautiful 3D models of public art found in and around Chattanooga. The two layers (this one and this one) contain four 3D artwork models each and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Now that we’ve launched the Layar Vision beta, we hope to see more great projects from them, and Second|Site seems excited as well!

“We can now create a new user experience that exists in the relationships developed between both vision- and location-based elements,” said Creative Director Matthew Carroll. “We look forward to the abundance of new environments that we can create for our users.”

Motive NYC (@MotiveNYC)

Motive NYC is new to Layar, but its team members are not! Creative Technologist Jonny McCauley and Creative Director Brian Solon are responsible for the successful Find COPĀN treasure hunt layer they launched in Dublin, Ireland Last year (before they began working under the Motive NYC name). 

Now Motive NYC is making AR a cornerstone of its business strategy and creative vision. According to Executive Creative director Chris Valentino, “We realize the incredible benefit to brand building and audience awareness will be more easily activated through tech such as layar vision. It provides us, as creative technologists and strategists, new opportunities.”

We can’t wait to see what exciting new Layar projects Motive NYC comes up with!

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