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Presentations From Augmented Reality Thursday on October 6

Adriane Goetz October 10, 2011

On the first Thursday of the month, Layar hosts Augmented Reality Thursday (ART). The objective of this monthly event is to inspire and update people about the current field of Augmented Reality and Layar’s position within it.

Next to that, we want to connect developers, publishers, brands and Layar employees to exchange stories, visions and ideas. The setting is very informal (so NO chairs, long presentations or tea-breaks), and the event is free (plus, we supply the beer, wine and snacks) so it’s always a lot of fun!

This month, Layar Partner Taylor McDonald of Second|Site Skyped in from Chattanooga, TN to share his AR visions and projects, programmer Felix Klee discussed his web-based AR project Reality Builder and local Layar developer Almar Virreal talked about his Layar Player-based PeRSoN.NeL app.

We’d love to have a short (10 min.) presentation or two each month, so if you’d like to present at one of our ART events, please drop us an email at events[at]layar[dot]com.

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