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Meet the winners of the Layar Creation Challenge!

Adriane Goetz October 20, 2011

After much lively debate, our expert jury has chosen the winners of the Layar Creation Challenge!

The winning concepts show that augmented reality has a natural fit with commerce, adding real value to existing businesses. The top three winners were chosen because they show the potential to fundamentally change the way consumers purchase goods and services while on-the-go.

  • 1st Place ($15,000): AR Posters - Enhanced promotion for concerts and other events.
  • 2nd Place ($10,000): Buy it! - Purchase online games, movies, music and more.
  • 3rd Place ($7,500): Food2You - An interactive menu with ingredients and delivery options.
  • 4th Place ($5,000): Fan Vision - View sports stats, highlights, scores and more.
  • 5th Place ($5,000): FoldAR - View 3D models of items in a product catalog.
  • 6th Place ($2,500): DIBBS - Call “Dibbs” on ad items to score great in-store deals.
  • 7th Place ($2,500): They Live - Scan movie posters for more info and related materials.
  • 8th Place ($2,500): Bath Life Magazine - Enriched articles with audio, video and more.
  • 9th Place ($2,500): Who Killed Guido? - Search scenes for clues to solve a murder mystery.
  • 10th Place ($2,500): AR Cards - Personalized cards with audio, video and 3D animations.

Layar 6.0 with Vision is live in the Android Market (an iPhone version is coming soon!), so download it now! You can use the Layar app with our reference image page to try out all 10 winning concepts for yourself, or watch a short demo of each concept in this mashup video.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks again to everyone who entered the Layar Creation Challenge. There are now a multitude of Vision layers available on the Layar platform, and many more creative and innovative concepts in the works!

We’d also like to thank our esteemed jury for their expert opinions and spirited discussion.

  • Raimo van der Klein, Layar co-founder and CEO (@Rhymo)
  • Bruce Sterling, sci-fi author and AR wizard (@Bruces)
  • Russell Buckley, former AdMob evangelist (@russellbuckley)
  • Gerd Leonhard, author/futurist (@gleonhard)
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