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New “VPRO Gids” is Activated with Layar

Chris Cameron May 21, 2012

Dutch public broadcasting organization VPRO is teaming up with Layar to enhance its magazine for the next year. The new “VPRO Gids,” or VPRO Guide, is available today and comes with its pages activated with digital content by Layar. 

VPRO is looking forward to a year-long campaign experimenting with Layar to make the pages of their guide interactive. In this issue, readers can find over 60 digital extras in the pages, including videos, interviews and special contests.

The guide also includes a special supplement to the VPRO Books Festival, including an interview with author John Irving and a sneak preview of the upcoming Tegenlicht (Backlight) - VPRO’s weekly, 50-minute “Future Affairs” program.

“Backlight focuses on the globalized world in which societies, economies and cultures seek a new equilibrium,” says VPRO. “It aims to grasp the quintessence of prominent trends and developments.” 

One of the most striking things about the VPRO Guide is its cover. The entire cover of the guide serves as instructions for how to use Layar with the magazine. It was hand drawn, and below you can watch a video which shows the process of it’s creation!

We’re thrilled by all the great augments found in the VPRO Gids, and we look forward to what VPRO can come up with over the next year! Check out the video below about the creation of the cover and try some of the sample pages after the jump! 

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