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Suitsupply Launches Spring Catalog with Layar!

Chris Cameron March 14, 2013

Suitsupply, a fast growing international fashion brand that GQ calls “purveyors of attainably priced — but exactingly crafted — tailoring and sportswear,” has launched its spring catalog with something extra this year – interactive print from Layar!

The well-known brand is internationally recognized for its award-winning marketing campaigns. This spring, to keep with this strong reputation, Suitsupply has enhanced its brochures in the U.S. and Europe with the help of Layar partner Limebizz

The brochures are completely shoppable thanks to Layar’s interactive print. Scanning the brochure brings up links to purchase the various fashion items available from Suitsupply, as well as behind-the-scenes videos from the very artistic photo shoots.

The brochures are available internationally, but have also been distributed as an insert in FD (Het Financieele Dagblad), the leading Dutch business newspaper. It’s a great example of how interactive print can add an engaging layer to any print product. Check out some of the examples below from our fashionable friends at Suitsupply!


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