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Follow #Layar30M As We Countdown to 30 Million Downloads!

Chris Cameron April 3, 2013

As we’ve shown here on the Layar blog, interactive print is really starting to take off across the world. And with it, downloads of the Layar App are soaring to new heights.

We are very close to hitting the 30 million downloads mark, so we decided we’d take this opportunity to share the numbers behind the growth of interactive print in a countdown to 30 million. You can follow the fun on Twitter by following @layar and watching for the #Layar30M hashtag.

30 million is a nice, big number, there is so much more behind it than just downloads of the Layar App. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling the story of 30 million with interesting facts, numbers and more – some serious, some for fun, but all true!

You can follow our progress on Twitter, or right here on the Layar homepage. We’ll have a count of downloads updated daily on our homepage and over at You can watch as we approach 30 Million downloads and read all of our interesting bits of information about the story behind it all.

When all is said and done, we’ll be publishing a report of all the interesting interactive print data and Layar facts that comprise #Layar30M. For now, if you want more info, or want to share your genius ideas for the future of interactive print? Send us a tweet with the #Layar30M hashtag and let us know!

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