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#Layar30M Update: 200k To Go!

Chris Cameron April 15, 2013

It’s been just a few days short of two weeks since we started counting down the downloads remaining until we hit 30 million! Today we stand just under 200,000 downloads away and we’re fast approaching the goal.

Be sure to follow our progress as we approach 30 million and share interesting facts and stories “behind the numbers” on Twitter with the hashtag #Layar30M. We’ve already posted a bunch, check out the rundown of what we’ve heard so far down below!

And make sure to keep an eye over at to read up on everything we post.

4.4 billion operations!

We do a lot of sending and receiving of data, and lots of requests are made to our back-end database. Just last month, our database process 4.4 BILLION input/output operations. That’s a lot of activity!

Layar tattoos!

One enterprising individual as gone as far as to turn a tattoo into interactive “print” (skin?). This goes to show that Layar isn’t just for magazines, but can be on many flat surfaces, including product packaging! 

It’s more than just print!

People are enhancing more than magazines and business cards. Real estate agency Van Santvoort enhanced the walls of their kiosk with help from Layar partner Limebizz. Check it out on the blog.

Elanders is our partner!

We’ve partnered with Elanders UK, part of a global printing firm with production across 4 continents. Their customers include global brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Tesco and Bosch. Read more on the blog.

LOTS of coffee!

According to the computer living inside of our office coffee machine, we consumed over 12,000 cups of coffee last year! We work hard at making the best interactive print solutions out there.

Playboy’s 40% usage!

The Dutch version of Playboy enhanced its pages with extra digital content earlier this year, and Editor in Chief Patrick Goldsteen says 40% of readers scanned a page with their smartphone!

Call-to-action is key!

We see a lot of campaigns published in the Layar Creator, and great calls-to-action are by far the most important factor to a successful campaign. Draw the reader’s attention to your content! More best practices

65% more test drives!

Automaker Nissan increased requests for test drives by over 65% when they launched an interactive print advertising campaign with PostMedia, TBWA and OMD in Canadian newspapers. Learn more on the blog.

3 Terabytes a month!

We send a LOT of data each month from our servers to users of our mobile app and visitors to our website. In March alone, we sent nearly 3 terabytes (3,000 GB) of images, videos and more. That’s equal to more than 780,000 song MP3s!

Saudi Arabia loves Layar!

It may be surprising to some to learn that the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia accounts for the 5th most downloads of all countries over the last several months!

500% higher web traffic!

CBS Outdoor, which has run several interactive print campaigns with Layar, recently boosted web traffic by 500% for David Baldacci’s latest book. They enhanced public transit ads, allowing those that scanned to read the first chapter.

Thailand is on the rise!

Thailand is seeing HUGE Layar growth lately. In February, the country saw a giant leap in downloads of the Layar App, going up 515% from January. See more on the Layar blog.

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