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Introducing: Layar’s Campaign Review Service

Chris Cameron June 19, 2013

With the Layar Creator just over one year old, we’ve already seen a wealth of wonderful and creative interactive print campaigns from our over 40,000 Creator publishers. As part of our continuing mission to provide the best products, services and support for augmented reality and interactive print, today we are launching our Campaign Review Service.

With this new service, we want to help publishers get the most out of their interactive print campaigns by sharing our expanding knowledge base of tips, tricks and best practices.

Our expert team can help publishers take their campaigns to the next level by providing a detailed, timely review of page quality, instructions, calls-to-action, content design and much more. Our vast interactive print experience can allow publishers to avoid common missteps, and to make sometimes small changes that can really make a big difference in the end!

Ready to kick your next campaign up a notch? Learn more about our Campaign Review Service or book a review today!

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