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Spanish Museum Takes a New Look at Neanderthals with Layar

Chris Cameron August 22, 2014

The Museo de la Evolución Humana (Museum of Human Evolution) in Burgos, Spain, has used Layar to create interactive postcards to promote a new temporary exhibit.

The exhibit, “Cambio de Imagen: Una nueva visión de los Neandertales” (Change of Image: A new vision of the Neanderthals) is a temporary showcase that features a new look at Neanderthals, including bones and artist illustrations.

“We want to do more things with these kind of technologies,” said Management and Communication technician Gonzalo de Santiago Salinas. “We think it is a good way to divulge the content of our museum, in our case, Human Evolution. We also want to be a modern museum and want to apply the latest technologies.”

The museum has produced an interactive postcard that it will hand out to visitors, as well as scientists at conferences and press members at events. By scanning the postcard, visitors can see a video in which Juan Luis Arsuaga, scientific director of the museum, explains the content of the exhibition. They can also access the museum’s program and social networks, or contact the booking center.

The interactive postcard has also been promoted on the museum’s social media pages.

The new exhibit has garnered significant press attention in Spain, thanks in no small part to the museum’s use of Augmented Reality to attract visitors. Give it a try yourself by clicking and scanning the image above!

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