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Multimedia Artist Uses Layar to Bring Paintings to Life

Chris Cameron December 2, 2014

Innovative Spanish multimedia artist Jose Carlos Casado is using Layar’s Augmented Reality and Interactive Print technology to connect his art with the digital world.

Casado’s paintings are currently on display as part of the “Inverted Normals” exhibit, a group exhibition of works that provide access points to different ways of understanding the relationship between digital and physical spaces. The exhibit is located at the Rowan University Art Gallery in Glassboro, New Jersey – a contemporary gallery showcasing all forms of visual expression and new media.

Casado has printed labels with instructions for scanning which have been placed by the title labels for each piece. Scanning the paintings with the Layar App reveals interactive digital 3D elements that Casado says make the painting “more personal.”

“Casado’s work investigates the blurred line between real and unreal, and the role technology plays in influencing the images we see every day,” the gallery says. “He uses 3D technologies to invent a new reality, creating scenarios that could not be possible.”

“I don’t like being limited by the bi-dimensionality of the paper,” says Casado. “I use 3D technologies to add a new dimension to my work. Thanks to Augmented Reality, the viewer can experience time and form on a different level. I believe it adds an important layer of content to my paintings.”

To experience Jose Carlos Casado’s unique 3D AR art, you can either visit the exhibit in New Jersey (open until December 20th), or scan these examples with the Layar App.

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