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Restaurant Goers Wowed by Interactive Newspaper-Themed Menu with Layar

Chris Cameron May 12, 2015

Albron, a Dutch food services company, has teamed up with communications agency de Toekomst to bring Layar’s Augmented Reality technology to its restaurant menus. Albron, which operates Grand Café-style restaurants at Center Parcs Holiday Villages across western Europe, commissioned de Toekomst to produce interactive menus that resemble newspapers.

The menus, which have been distributed among Albron’s 10 Center Parcs restaurants in the Netherlands and Belgium, provide an entertaining and engaging restaurant experience for visitors. Customers can use the free Layar App to scan the newspaper-style menu to access interactive digital content.

“People get flooded with information and tend to read less information,” says Corine Holtmaat, Activation Manager for Albron. “Images and video are the right media to tell a story and really engage a viewer, hence the choice for Layar.”

The unlockable content includes food and drink suggestions based on the current weather conditions, videos showing the stories behind foods and brands like chocolate and Heineken, detailed overviews of the restaurant’s catering concepts, and even a poll to vote for their favorite restaurant employee.

“Our company is called de Toekomst, which is Dutch for ‘the future,’ so it’s in our company DNA to look forward to the world of the future and use modern technologies such as Layar for our online and printed media,” says Nic roos, Director of de Toekomst.

The employees of the restaurants have been instructed to help explain the interactive menus to customers, which you can see in the video above (even if you don’t speak Dutch).

To try it yourself, check out our Client Examples page and scan the newspaper menu with Layar.

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