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Charity Scavenger Hunt Features AR Clues with Layar

Chris Cameron July 15, 2015

This weekend, a group of adventurers in London will take part in AdventureRace.London, a multi-team scavenger hunt contest to benefit charity. But this hunt will be much more unique than any other, as contestants will need to unlock some clues with the help of the Layar App and augmented reality.

Teams of five will work together to solve a series of cryptic challenges by discovering clues across a few select regions of London. Participants have been encouraged to raise funds to donate along with their ticket price. The proceeds will benefit children’s charities Kids Club Kampala (Uganda), KIIDs Trust Varansi (India) and The Prince’s Trust (United Kingdom).

One of the challenges will task the teams to “find the fugitive” by using the Layar App to scan certain items, unlocking video clues telling them where to go for the next clue. Ultimately, the contestants will use Layar and augmented reality on multiple occasions to complete the challenge before moving to the next.

“We were looking for an app which race participants would find easy to download, easy to use and also have an impressive user experience,” said Vassili Dagiakidis, Project Lead at AdventureRace.London. “Layar comfortably ticked all the boxes and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing our participants reactions to the app.”

The race begins this Saturday at noon. If you’re in the area and looking for a unique AR experience, some tickets are still available via the AdventureRace.London website.

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