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New “VPRO Gids” is Activated with Layar

Chris Cameron May 21, 2012

Dutch public broadcasting organization VPRO is teaming up with Layar to enhance its magazine for the next year. The new “VPRO Gids,” or VPRO Guide, is available today and comes with its pages activated with digital content by Layar. 

VPRO is looking forward to a year-long campaign experimenting with Layar to make the pages of their guide interactive. In this issue, readers can find over 60 digital extras in the pages, including videos, interviews and special contests.

The guide also includes a special supplement to the VPRO Books Festival, including an interview with author John Irving and a sneak preview of the upcoming Tegenlicht (Backlight) - VPRO’s weekly, 50-minute “Future Affairs” program.

“Backlight focuses on the globalized world in which societies, economies and cultures seek a new equilibrium,” says VPRO. “It aims to grasp the quintessence of prominent trends and developments.” 

One of the most striking things about the VPRO Guide is its cover. The entire cover of the guide serves as instructions for how to use Layar with the magazine. It was hand drawn, and below you can watch a video which shows the process of it’s creation!

We’re thrilled by all the great augments found in the VPRO Gids, and we look forward to what VPRO can come up with over the next year! Check out the video below about the creation of the cover and try some of the sample pages after the jump! 

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LINDA. is Back Again!

Chris Cameron May 16, 2012

What? LINDA. again?

Yes, that’s right, LINDA. magazine and Layar have come together again to augment the popular Dutch women’s magazine. This marks the third time LINDA. has used Layar in its magazine.

Not too long ago, we first introduced our partnership with LINDA. to activate the pages of its print magazine with augmented digital content. Videos, graphics, links to web-shops, social media integration - you name it, it was there! And again just recently, LINDA. was back at it again with its annual L’HOMO issue - using Layar to add interactivity to print.

Now, this May’s issue of LINDA. has even more digital enhancement with Layar. So maybe you’ve noticed a trend.

Hmmm… LINDA. seems to be using Layar in every new issue! 

That’s exactly right. The wonderful people at LINDA. have completely integrated Layar into their editorial and publication processes. Now when designing, creating and arranging content for the printed page, LINDA. is also simultaneously considering what digital content they can use to accompany it.

In this issue, LINDA. is helping women slim down into shape just in time for summer and those skimpy bikinis. All sorts of products advertised in the magazine are instantly purchasable with “Buy now!” buttons, and features on women getting into shape have extra images attached to them.

Now that LINDA. is using Layar in every new issue, we’re very excited to see what kind of stuff they come up with! There’s lots to see in this issue, over 50 pages have augments on them, so be sure to take a look!

You can check it all out in the latest issue, which is on newsstands today. Try scanning he example pages after the jump and have a look at the video below to see it in action.

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Sappi’s “What’s Next” Magazine, A Great Layar Showcase

Chris Cameron April 26, 2012

Sappi is the leading European producer of coated fine paper used in magazines, catalogues, books and high-end print advertising. The Belgium-based company has come up with some really cool examples of print AR by augmenting it’s promotional magazine, What’s Next, with Layar.

“At its heart, the purpose of What’s Next Magazine is to show publishers what they can do to add texture and depth to their publications, through paper choice in particular,” says Sappi.

For this edition of What’s Next, Sappi has turned to Layar to show how publishers can enhance their print products. And we’re really impressed at what they created using Layar.

Pages can be scanned with Layar to make the reading the magazine a one-of-a-kind experience. Our favorite addition has to be the translation feature. Articles in one language can be translated to another, and vice versa, suggesting the possibility to truly universal content in print magazines.

Readers can also view videos, follow links to websites and social media, and even fill out reader polls to instantly weigh in on topics. Now that’s a pretty cool and unique use of Layar!

“From a publisher’s perspective, the beauty of using this technology is that readers never stop reading their magazines,” says Sappi. “Scanning the Layar logo with a smartphone immediately brings the reader various forms of complementary content about the subject either in the form of an image, text or even a small movie. Not only that, the technology also enables publishers to provide additional product information for readers, as well as suggesting possible purchases through the app. No need to go to a website; the content appears on your smartphone.”

Have a look below at a video produced by Sappi to show off the new magazine and its Layar integration. And after the jump, give it a try yourself on some example pages from the magazine. You can vote in the poll and try out the text translation!

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LINDA. Augments Its 2nd Issue with L’HOMO.

Chris Cameron April 24, 2012

A few months ago, we proudly announced our partnership with LINDA. magazine to augment the pages of its special issue with “Oprah-style” giveaways. Now, LINDA. and Layar are coming together again for another special edition: L’HOMO.

L’HOMO. is an anual special issue from LINDA. that focuses on culture, issues and awareness of the gay community. In past years, cover shots and interviews in the magazine have sparked debate about the taboos of homosexuality in pop culture, sports and politics.

This year, LINDA. has augmented the L’HOMO. issue with Layar, allowing readers access to social media connections, instant shopping options, extra videos and even - yes - explicit content.

Scanning the cover and photos of interviewees provides links to Twitter and Facebook. Quickly see tweets about L’HOMO. and connect with the people in the magazine. While flipping through ads and descriptions of cool products, you can now quickly tap a “buy” button to be taken instantly to a webshop on your phone.

And in one eye-catching example, you can access rather explicit content, as one male model bares all… yes, all! See if you can find which page holds the surprise.

The L’HOMO hits magazine stands tomorrow, April 25th. To give it a try right now, scan the pages after the jump to view what the magazine has to offer. And for more, check out the video below!

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Ford India Promotes the New Ford Fiesta with Layar

Chris Cameron April 19, 2012

Automaker Ford has tapped Layar to help promote the all new Ford Fiesta in India with interactive brochures and ads.

Ford sought the help of Layar Partner Network member GAMOOZ, and India-based group that creates Layar content of all kinds. In just a few days, GAMOOZ created the “Ford India” layer, which has been rolled out into what has become the world’s largest print AR campaign to date.

Brochures, like the one pictured to the right, were distributed at 230 Ford dealerships in 123 Indian cities, and print ads appeared in several popular Indian newspapers, including: 

  • Times of India
  • Tribune
  • Punjab Kesari
  • Dinamalar
  • Eenadu
  • Ajit
  • Sambad
  • Malayalam Manorama
  • Rajasthan Patrika
  • … and many more.

Readership of the campaign totaled around 4 million people, and so far thousands of people have used Layar to scan the ads and brochures and view the interactive digital content. Users can view videos about the Ford Fiesta, as well as quickly jump to the Ford mobile website, book a test drive, or quickly share the car on Facebook or Twitter.

Try it out on one of the pages after the jump and check out the video below to see it in action!

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