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Lonely Planet Augments 42 European City Guides

Chris Cameron June 25, 2012

Attention travelers and adventure seekers!

As of today, the massively popular Lonely Planet travel guides will be able to help you with your travels even more! Just open the Layar app on your smartphone, hold it over the cover of one of the guides and you’ll be able to see tons of practical and up-to-date information to help you on your way.

The print guides now feature live weather, updated event listings and even hotel prices and availability. What other print guide can provide that? But that’s not all. Editorial and Product Development Director Matt Swaine says exclusive content awaits those who view the guides with Layar.

“We’re offering travelers access to hundreds of additional points of interest reviews, video content that they can only get through Lonely Planet’s Layar service and easy ways to book hotels and activities,” says Swaine.

So far, Lonely Planet has enhanced 42 guides from its European city titles. Paris, Rome, London, and (of course) Amsterdam are just a few of the popular tourist destinations with augmented guides.

For Swaine, the opportunity to add digital content to the printed Lonely Planet guides opened up new channels of communication and interaction with customers.

“We very quickly saw the potential for Layar to enhance our books by giving travelers access to content we couldn’t put in the books and by linking to other Lonely Planet services, products and online content,” he says. “There are lots of opportunities out there to chase with print, but clearly digital is going to play an increasing role in people’s lives, and this is where we are focusing the larger part of our product thinking.”

Lonely Planet is looking for your feedback! The first 50 people to email will receive a free copy of a Lonely Planet European City Guide, Pocket City Guide or Discover City Guide of their choice. To qualify you must own an Apple iOS or Android device, provide a valid shipping address and agree to provide feedback on the using Layar in conjunction with Lonely Planet books. Use “Layar Trial” as your subject line, and let them know which European city guidebook you’d like them to send you.

Check out the guides today and view them with Layar!


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Order Your Own LAYARED Magazine

Chris Cameron June 21, 2012

Remember the fancy digital magazine with Raimo on the cover that we featured in our Layar Creator video

Well now you can hold your very own copy in your hands!

As of today, you can order a copy of LAYARED Magazine and see just what interactive print is all about. Read about the history of mobile augmented reality, meet the people already using it and view the latest industry statistics and showcases.

Best of all, it’s overflowing with digital content that we easily added to the pages in just minutes with the Creator. In fact, the hard part was getting the print magazine together! We now have a newfound respect for the print industry. It’s not easy making a magazine! But adding content with the Creator is.

So head on over to the LAYARED Magazine page to get yours delivered right to your door!


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Use Layar to Shop Over 25k Books, DVDs and More from

Chris Cameron June 14, 2012, the largest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, which features books, movies, music, games and more, has placed an enormous amount of its catalogue on Layar. Covers of over 25,000 items, the site’s top sellers, are now recognizable by Layar.

So what does this mean? It means now when shopping in a store, or when a friend shows you the new book or movie he’s obsessed with, Layar can show you the price and availability directly on top of the item itself. And in just a few clicks, it can be on its way to your doorstep.

Just scan the cover of the item, and in seconds you can see its price and add it to your shopping cart. They’ve even made it super easy to order the item right from your phone with iDeal, Credit Card or even (if you’re a frequent customer) order instantly with pay-on-delivery.

If you’re wondering how was able to place 25,000 images on Layar, the answer is simple: the Layar Connect API.

Layar Connect is our enterprise solution and companion to the Layar Creator. Aimed at high-volume clients, the Connect API lets third parties tap directly into the Layar system for fast and easy bulk uploading and content creation. 

It’s so easy, in a few days will have over 50,000 images on Layar, and the covers will be continually updated to stay up-to-date with the newest top selling items.

Check out the video below to see how it all works, and grab a book, DVD, game or CD next to you and try it out!


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Top Dutch Magazine Enhanced with Layar

Chris Cameron June 7, 2012

The latest issue of Veronica Magazine, the largest and most popular weekly magazine in the Netherlands, has been enhanced with Layar.

Veronica Magazine, a multi-faceted entertainment magazine, reaches over 2.3 million readers a week with a print run of around 720,000. The magazine is mainly a TV Guide-style entertainment guide with features and information about topics like fashion, film, sports, games, pop music, showbiz, the internet and, of course, television.

The latest release is a special double issue for the European Championships, and features a cover with Victoria Koblenko and Gregory van der Wiel, two Dutch celebrities. Readers now have access to extra content, videos and links by viewing the pages of the magazine with the Layar app.

The magazine was able to create the extra digital content themselves, using our new Layar Creator web app. 

“Veronica Magazine has always been the magazine with a surprising amount of extras, and now Layar adds an extra dimension,” says Rens Muller, Creative Director of Digital Content for Veronica Magazine.

See it all in the video above, and check out the magazine today and view the pages with Layar!


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New “VPRO Gids” is Activated with Layar

Chris Cameron May 21, 2012

Dutch public broadcasting organization VPRO is teaming up with Layar to enhance its magazine for the next year. The new “VPRO Gids,” or VPRO Guide, is available today and comes with its pages activated with digital content by Layar. 

VPRO is looking forward to a year-long campaign experimenting with Layar to make the pages of their guide interactive. In this issue, readers can find over 60 digital extras in the pages, including videos, interviews and special contests.

The guide also includes a special supplement to the VPRO Books Festival, including an interview with author John Irving and a sneak preview of the upcoming Tegenlicht (Backlight) - VPRO’s weekly, 50-minute “Future Affairs” program.

“Backlight focuses on the globalized world in which societies, economies and cultures seek a new equilibrium,” says VPRO. “It aims to grasp the quintessence of prominent trends and developments.” 

One of the most striking things about the VPRO Guide is its cover. The entire cover of the guide serves as instructions for how to use Layar with the magazine. It was hand drawn, and below you can watch a video which shows the process of it’s creation!

We’re thrilled by all the great augments found in the VPRO Gids, and we look forward to what VPRO can come up with over the next year! Check out the video below about the creation of the cover and try some of the sample pages after the jump! 

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