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Save, Review and Share Your Favorite Interactive Experiences with Layar 8.2

Chris Cameron February 12, 2014

Today we’ve launched an update to the Layar App that turns print into the starting point for a whole new form of reader engagement. The new Layar 8.2 helps publishers and marketeers get the most out of print by taking experiences beyond the page.

“Now more than ever, Layar strengthens this power by connecting print with more intimate mobile interactions,” said Layar CEO Quintin Schevernels. “We see print as a valuable starting point for launching deeper, more engaging connected experiences that provide readers with an instant connection to relevant online content by scanning the print page.”

The updated Layar App now gives users the ability to experience, save, review and share Interactive Print content, extending the life and reach of the original print product beyond its initial use and audience.

The previously introduced Recent Content and Pop Out features create an automated “history” of content that a user views, and lets users lean back and enjoy an experience more comfortably without needing to hold their device over the original print content. Now with the new Favorites feature, users can save experiences to review them whenever they want without needing to scan the original print again – a feature perfect for sharing these experiences with others.

“Favorites is not only a great feature for users, but it also extends the life and reach of your print beyond just its first use,” said Layar Product Manager Maurice Groenhart.

See how Favorites works in the video above. The new Layar App can be downloaded today for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store.


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