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Global Directories Adds AR to Yellow Pages in Jamaica and Caymans

Chris Cameron January 15, 2015

Last year we told you about how Marker Studio, a digital agency from New Zealand, used the Layar SDK to embed AR technology into the existing Yellow NZ app, the country’s Yellow Pages mobile app. Yellow Pages directories have become a common use case for Interactive Print, so it’s no surprise to see more activity in this area.

Just recently, digital agency Citric Media partnered with Global Directories, publishers of over 15 Yellow Pages directories in the Caribbean and Latin America. Together they’ve added AR to nearly 1 million Yellow Pages directories in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

900,000 directories in Jamaica and 70,000 in the Caymans have been enhanced with Interactive Print using the Layar Creator. The directories are hand delivered to homes and businesses, and can also be picked up by customers at their telecom provider.

Global Directories says this is part of a broader plan to incorporate AR into other guides and directories, including Blue Pages for government information, Island Pages for tourism information and Menu Pages for food and restaurant information.

“The way consumers access information is evolving rapidly,” said Mark Macfee, CEO of Global Directories. “Augmented Reality is an extremely useful tool for advertisers, as it enhances the perceived value of products, services and brands. Cayman Islands Yellow Pages is thrilled to be offering this novel marketing tool to our customers so they can in turn build stronger relationships with their existing clientele, attract new customers, boost sales, and enhance the shopping experience. With this exciting technology we aim to give our advertisers a competitive edge.”

The new interactive directories have been well received, and have even attracted media attention in both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

To see for yourself, try scanning these examples from our Client Examples page.


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Sean Paul’s Latest Album Comes Alive with Layar

Chris Cameron March 13, 2014

“Full Frequency,” the latest album from international recording artist Sean Paul, features an interactive cover that comes to life when scanned with the Layar App.

When scanning the cover with the Layar App, fans can watch a video of Sean Paul himself welcoming them to his new album and point out links to his social channels, tour info and more.

Khaliq King and Kai Williams of the Jamaican company Creative Solutions were hired by Sean Paul to add interactivity to the cover of his new album. The company partnered with local web developers ZIPTEQ to collaborate on the project and produce the video.

“The idea was to not only present this really cool new technology, but to provide an intimate and personal experience for Sean Paul’s fans and an entrance for people who have purchased the album to know more about Sean Paul,” said King.

In addition to promoting the interactive cover through his Facebook page (where he has over 9.3 million fans), Sean Paul has talked about the campaign in interviews on TV and on radio.

To check it out yourself, click here to scan the album cover with the Layar App.


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