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LINDA. is Back Again!

Chris Cameron May 16, 2012

What? LINDA. again?

Yes, that’s right, LINDA. magazine and Layar have come together again to augment the popular Dutch women’s magazine. This marks the third time LINDA. has used Layar in its magazine.

Not too long ago, we first introduced our partnership with LINDA. to activate the pages of its print magazine with augmented digital content. Videos, graphics, links to web-shops, social media integration - you name it, it was there! And again just recently, LINDA. was back at it again with its annual L’HOMO issue - using Layar to add interactivity to print.

Now, this May’s issue of LINDA. has even more digital enhancement with Layar. So maybe you’ve noticed a trend.

Hmmm… LINDA. seems to be using Layar in every new issue! 

That’s exactly right. The wonderful people at LINDA. have completely integrated Layar into their editorial and publication processes. Now when designing, creating and arranging content for the printed page, LINDA. is also simultaneously considering what digital content they can use to accompany it.

In this issue, LINDA. is helping women slim down into shape just in time for summer and those skimpy bikinis. All sorts of products advertised in the magazine are instantly purchasable with “Buy now!” buttons, and features on women getting into shape have extra images attached to them.

Now that LINDA. is using Layar in every new issue, we’re very excited to see what kind of stuff they come up with! There’s lots to see in this issue, over 50 pages have augments on them, so be sure to take a look!

You can check it all out in the latest issue, which is on newsstands today. Try scanning he example pages after the jump and have a look at the video below to see it in action.

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LINDA. Augments Its 2nd Issue with L’HOMO.

Chris Cameron April 24, 2012

A few months ago, we proudly announced our partnership with LINDA. magazine to augment the pages of its special issue with “Oprah-style” giveaways. Now, LINDA. and Layar are coming together again for another special edition: L’HOMO.

L’HOMO. is an anual special issue from LINDA. that focuses on culture, issues and awareness of the gay community. In past years, cover shots and interviews in the magazine have sparked debate about the taboos of homosexuality in pop culture, sports and politics.

This year, LINDA. has augmented the L’HOMO. issue with Layar, allowing readers access to social media connections, instant shopping options, extra videos and even - yes - explicit content.

Scanning the cover and photos of interviewees provides links to Twitter and Facebook. Quickly see tweets about L’HOMO. and connect with the people in the magazine. While flipping through ads and descriptions of cool products, you can now quickly tap a “buy” button to be taken instantly to a webshop on your phone.

And in one eye-catching example, you can access rather explicit content, as one male model bares all… yes, all! See if you can find which page holds the surprise.

The L’HOMO hits magazine stands tomorrow, April 25th. To give it a try right now, scan the pages after the jump to view what the magazine has to offer. And for more, check out the video below!

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“Dutch Oprah” LINDA Brings Magazine to Life With Layar

Chris Cameron November 18, 2011

We’re excited to announce that Layar 6.0 including Vision is now available in the App Store, just in time for iPhone users to experience the awesome AR content in the latest issue of LINDA. magazine.

LINDA., the largest women’s glossy in the Netherlands, partnered with Layar to create the first Dutch augmented magazine, showing infotainment and commerce to be a natural fit with augmented reality.

More than 50 pages inside this month’s edition of LINDA. magazine have been augmented with digital buttons that enable readers to access additional digital content using their smartphones. These buttons link to specific websites, videos, app stores and phone numbers.

A total of 120 augments can be found throughout the magazine for readers to view and interact with.

 Some examples from the magazine include: 

  • Unique backstage video footage of the cover shoot
  • One-click access to sites selling the fashion featured in the articles
  • The ability to book a test drive for the advertised cars

“We are thrilled LINDA. wanted to work with us and use Layar,” said Claire Boonstra, Layar co-founder. “Not just because it is a great magazine, but it proves what we said with the launch of Layar Vision; this is a utility that generates value for brands, retailers and online merchants by making physical items interactive.”

Watch the video to see LINDA.‘s pages come to life with Augmented Reality.

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