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WWF’s Panda Magazine is Back with Interactive Print

Chris Cameron March 1, 2013

We’ve teamed up again with the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF, or WNF in Holland) to bring interactive print to the readers of Panda Magazine.

It was almost a year ago that the WNF launched a campaign to promote its 50th anniversary using Layar Vision technology on a special postcard that showed a beautiful 3D planet Earth when scanned with Layar. They even got Game of Thrones star Carice van Houten to help promote it!

Now, WNF is back with Layar again, using the Layar Creator to enhance the pages of its own publication with interactive links, videos, slideshows and animation.

“We used Layar for the first time last December and our expectations were quite a bit outdone, so we are using it again in our March and June editions,” said Marloes van Luijk of WNF.

The magazine is produced by Label, publishers of Labelmag which enhanced its own pages with Layar recently as well.

“WNF wanted to increase interaction with its donors,” said Mandy Vinkenvleugel of Label. “When we told WNF about Layar and the possibilities, they were very enthusiastic and wanted to try it because it’s an easier way for readers to get extra information.”

“It gives the content an extra dimension, especially when it concerns videos,” said van Luijk. “I like it that it brings the two separate worlds of online and offline a bit more together.”

Check out the slideshow of photos below!

Here’s more from our interview with Mandy Vinkenvleugel of Label, including how readers can see with more with Panda and her views on the Creator and Layar’s support staff!

“What I like is that we can show more content with Layar,” said Vinkenvleugel. “In the March issue, we published a spread about the retreat of Pasterze glacier in Austria. We show a photo from 1875 and a picture of the glacier in 2004. The difference is shocking, a lot of ice has disappeared. But the retreat of glaciers is a problem worldwide. With Layar, people can see 3 more examples of glaciers that have partially disappeared.”

“Label has been using Layar Creator for about 6 or 7 months now and it keeps getting better,” she adds. “The new HTML elements in particular are very nice. We usually ask our Layar contacts to check a campaign before it goes online to see if they have suggestions on how to implement things better, and they always come back with good advise.”


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Publishers Weekly Adds Interactive Print

Chris Cameron February 27, 2013

Publishers Weekly (or PW as it is commonly known), a leading American weekly trade magazine aimed at publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents and more, has added interactive print from Layar to its pages.

Published since 1872, the magazine joins a growing list of industry publications – like Publishing Executive, which added Layar to its pages earlier this month – embracing Layar’s interactive print technology.

The trend is clear: the biggest names in the print industry think Layar’s interactive print is here to stay. Just take this headline from Publishers Weekly describing the interactive print content in the magazine: “Welcome to the future.”

“Publishers are looking for new technology like interactive print to connect with readers in different ways,” said PW publisher Cevin Bryerman. “Publishers Weekly is a leading publication for the book industry and discusses new technology trends, so we felt it was important to feature Layar’s interactive print.”

Scanning the cover of the most recent issue of Publishers Weekly, which features a young girl’s body health book, reveals an interview with the author and links to download an excerpt, meet the author and more. Give it a try yourself on the cover and these example pages.

“The Layar staff has ben awesome and responsive to our needs as clients,” added Bryerman when asked about PW’s experience with Layar and the Layar Creator. “We are looking forward to using Layar in editorial and advertising in the future.”


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Playboy Magazine Bares All with Layar Technology

Chris Cameron February 5, 2013

One of the world’s most iconic magazine brands has thrown its hat into the interactive print ring with Layar.

Playboy, the massively popular men’s entertainment magazine, has selected Layar as its provider of choice for interactive print going forward in the Netherlands. The half-century-old publication joins a rapidly growing list of publishers and printers teaming up with Layar to bring engaging digital content to print readers. Read all about it in our press release here.

Click here to try it out!

Starting with its most recent issue, on sale today, Playboy Netherlands will work with Certified Layar Partner Limebizz to provide exclusive digital content to print readers when they scan special pages with the Layar App. You can buy the magazine in the Playboy webshop. Together they’ve crafted some beautiful artwork and iconography combining the logos of Playboy and Layar to draw the reader’s attention to the extra content.

In this issue, readers can vote for their favorite playmate of the last year to decide who becomes Playmate of the Year for 2012. On the cover, the three lovely nominees – Beau, Nadine and Lotte – come to life to entice your vote. Inside, last year’s winner – Zimra – introduces readers to the interactive magazine in a video. (Hint: There’s a secret page giving you a look at exactly what made Zimra last year’s winner! See if you can find it!)

Flip through the photos below to check it out!

Readers can view extra photo slideshows of the nominees and take a look behind the scenes videos from their photoshoots. Other content includes videos of cool gadgets, cars and tech, a flashback to the girls of 1984, music playlist links (including a cool ticker of music using our new HTML widget), movie, tv and videogame trailers, contests to win prizes and much, much more!

We caught up with Patrick Goldsteen, Editor in Chief for Playboy NL, to discuss how this special issue came to be.

What made you decide to jump in with Layar?
We saw some other magazines who were experimenting with Layar. This gave us some insights into what we could do with it and we saw some great opportunities to extend the experience of the magazine reader. As Playboy we have a great amount of content but are limited to the 114 pages of the magazine. With Layar we virtually have an unlimited amount of possibilities to publish extra content.

What are your goals for this project?
During our recent restyle we focused on upgrading the quality of the content and with Layar we put our digital content within hands-reach of the magazine readers. This is the first step; after this we are planning to create extra interactive content with the HTML possibilities of Layar.

What do you like most about using Layar?
It really brings our content to life, like the cover. The cover would normally be static but since the cover now consists of a video, readers can see their favorite models move, talk and interact with them. This brings the experience really close to the readers.

Why bring interactive print to Playboy?
The majority of the Playboy readers are young adults within the age range of 18 to 30. They grew up in the digital age and their mobile device can almost be seen as their most precious asset. So we bring them extra content in a manner they understand on a device the love to use.

Plans for the future?
Our plan is to continue to experiment with Layar and challenge ourselves in new creative possibilities. It’s for sure that this won’t be a one-of-a-kind Playboy edition, this will be our second content layer for the magazine, and we are looking forward to creating these extra experiences for our readers.

It’s true that Playboy’s audience is a perfect fit for interactive print. Not only are they younger and more digitally connected as it is, but let’s face it – it’s safe to say that Playboy readers are far more engaged with the content in the pages than your average magazine reader.

There’s a lot to love in this issue of Playboy. The extra content is terrific and is just what readers of Playboy are looking for … more! The calls-to-action are beautifully created, blending Layar and Playboy’s logos into one instantly recognizable icon. Combined with color coded icons that draw readers to photos, videos and other content, it’s a masterful implementation.

UPDATE – February 18th, 2013 – Due to the explicit nature of this campaign, some of the content can not be viewed in the iOS version of the Layar App.


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Top Interior Design Mag Frame Enhanced with Layar

Chris Cameron January 23, 2013

Frame Magazine, the world’s leading interior design publication with a circulation across 77 countries, has enhanced the artistic pages of its most recent issue with interactive print from Layar.

As the “go-to reference for designers and interior architects,” Frame Magazine continually impresses its readers with not only its content, but with how it presents that content. Special paper, inks and embossed graphics are common to Frame, but now, with Layar, Frame has taken presenting its content to a whole new level.

Readers can “enjoy an even more exciting tour through the world of design,” as editor in chief Robert Thiemann writes in the January/February issue. Readers can view additional photos, watch videos, join discussions on Facebook, buy items and more.

Scanning the cover lets readers watch the cover morph between several other possible covers, with various colors and images. Inside the magazine, scanning pages about an interactive digital installation in Paris lets readers experience that very installation’s “luminous textile panels.” It’s really a sight to behold.

We recently caught up with Thiemann to get the low down on Frame’s most recent issue and the process of implementing Layar. 

How did you hear of Layar?

“One of my colleagues came across Layar while reading a Dutch magazine. She was impressed with the extra digital content provided through the use of the Layar App. She then went to a Layar seminar in July, 2012, to find out more. Her report brimmed with enthusiasm, so we decided to give Layar a go in September.”

What makes Frame’s readers a good audience for interactive print?

“Frame has an image-savvy readership of early adopters, so we thought they might be interested in Layar. Frame magazine historically surprises its audience in many ways: from ever-changing graphics to special paper stocks and cover finishes. We thought Layar would offer yet another way to surprise our readership by letting them experience a connection between offline and online content.”

How was the experience of using the Layar Creator?

“Getting to work with the Layar Creator proved to be very easy. Uploading content and putting buttons on our pages both were a piece of cake. We had more difficulties deciding what exactly to do with Layar and finding extra content for it. We found out that we had to change our way of working by starting to integrate Layar in the editorial process.”

Any plans for the future?

“We will continue working with Layar for the rest of the year and evaluate the results at the end of 2013. If the app has proven to be successful – which I consider it to be when we will have more than 1000 active users – we’ll not only work with it in Frame magazine, but also in its sibling publications Mark and Elephant magazines. 

What’s more, we have already seduced one advertiser to use Layar in their Frame ad and will of course try to get more companies interested. Another challenge will be to not only include video footage, but also other digital content. The real aim is to increase interaction between the magazines and their readership.”


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Puur Natuur Praises Layar’s Simplicity & Support

Marjolein Stromeier January 8, 2013

The following post was written by Layar’s Marjolein Stromeier.

Puur Natuur is a quarterly magazine sent to 730,000 members of Natuurmonumenten, the Dutch Nature Association. I spoke with Marianne Nouwens, Manager of the Corporate Media & Online team at Natuurmonumenten about why they recently made their magazine interactive with Layar.

In May of 2012, Marianne heard Layar co-founder Claire Boonstra speaking at the Nationale Coverdag, an international event for magazine publishers, and became very enthusiastic about interactive print. The next day, she involved the editorial staff in her plans and they got started. Puur Natuur used Layar to enhance the pages of its September issue, and Marianne was amazed by how easy the Layar Creator works.

“The instructions are very clear, it is so easily accessible and extremely simple to use,” she said. “The Layar Creator is a wonderful platform.”

Marianne also praised the support and development team for listening very well to her as a customer and answering her needs.

Natuurmonumenten has really beautiful, wonderful content, both offline and online, so it’s a no-brainer that they have embraced the opportunity to connect this content to their print readers.

Marianne says readers are very enthusiastic about the interactive magazine. In the winter of 2012, Puur Natuur enhanced its second issue with Layar, and saw 80% more viewers from the previous edition after just three days of publication.

Natuurmonumenten employees have provided lots of positive reactions from out in the field, which may be featured with Layar in the next edition of Puur Natuur in the spring.


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