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Maza Packaging Shows Versatility of Interactive Print

Chris Cameron January 30, 2013

Often here on the blog we share examples from magazines, newspapers and other print products that bring their pages alive with interactive print. But interactive print goes beyond just “print” in the traditional sense.

Maza, makers of mediterranean delicacies like falafel and houmous, are the latest in a growing group of brands using Layar to enhance the packaging of its products. And what’s even more impressive is that the do-it-yourself nature of the Layar Creator allowed Maza to quickly create a really terrific user experience all on their own.

By scanning the packaging of Maza’s products, customers can get links to recipes built around specifically around those items. As you can see from the photos below (click to see larger versions), Maza produced a great looking, unique campaign for its customers without any development work needed.


We caught up with Maza’s Roberto Oberegger, who put the campaign together, to get a closer look at how Maza used Layar to bring interactivity to its product packaging.

How did your hear of Layar, and how did you decide to use it on your products?
I think I read about Layar long ago and then I saw some advertisements. We started using the Layar App on some of our own advertisements because we have a lot to explain about our products (especially in the Dutch market) and what is possible to do with them. When we started to redesign our packaging, Layar was part of it from the very start.

What inspired this campaign?
We wanted to be among the first in the food industry to use Layar on packaging. We also wanted to add some more info to our products that we can change every season or every month.

What are the challenges for interactive packaging?
I think the majority of smartphone or tablet users don’t think about a houmous cup being “Layared,” but we are still convinced that this is the future of on-package communication.

Interactive print continues to grow in popularity and it’s incredible to see these kinds of campaigns - campaigns which would have previously required weeks of planning and AR development - quickly launched with ease. It’s a testament to the ease and versatility of the Layar Creator.

As for Maza, the company says it will be enhancing all of their product packaging with Layar going forward.


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