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SundanceTV Promotes “Honorable Woman” with Layar

Chris Cameron August 19, 2014

American television station SundanceTV (part of the AMC Network) is using Layar and Augmented Reality to help better engage with fans of its new show “The Honorable Woman.” 

The spy thriller miniseries stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as an Anglo-Israeli businesswoman, and fans can use the Layar App to discover exclusive clues to the show’s mysterious plot. SundanceTV is using the show’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts to share images with the show’s followers that contain hidden information that can be accessed by scanning with Layar.

Monica Bloom, SVP Marketing, SundanceTV, stated, “‘The Honorable Woman’ is an intricate thriller that engages viewers with thought-provoking concepts, many of them centered on secrets and lies. We wanted to translate these themes into a marketing campaign that would rouse and delight our audience while driving engagement and conversation around this compelling series.”

Check out some of the example tweets below and scan with the Layar App to discover more about “The Honorable Woman.” Visit the SundanceTV website to view more scannable images.


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